Sonntag, 1. April 2007

Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye (posted by Chrisi)
I was actually a bit sad when going to the airport on Friday. We had a great time in Kabul: I got to know a new country & culture, had the great opportunity to live in an Afghan family and the AIESEC members we met were AWESOME! Moreover it was a great experience for us as trainers. Everything went really smoothly in Kabul and it seemed like our personalities, experience and training styles matched really well. :-)
We would like to thank Wadan, Bahadur, Paserly and Hamed for their commitment & hard work during the 2 weeks. We are confident that with your passion & energy you will lead AIESEC in Afghanistan to full membership in 2008!

We wish you all the best for your term!

Big Hug!
Mahmood, Ümit & Chrisi

Samstag, 31. März 2007

last training days

The last training days
Functional Takeover
After the exciting member day it was time for some functional take over.
Ümit & Paserly discussed Exchange, Mahmood & Wadan had some takeover and I (Chrisi) gave PD (People Development) and some External Relations transition to Bahadur. We discussed the recruitment campaign, the introduction period, possible trainings for the new members and how to involve companies as learning partners. We also talked a bit about the competency model, how to achieve a high retention rate and some functional ER things.

The Vision of AIESEC Afghanistan & the MC year plan.
The last day was very packed since we wanted to make sure all goals we set in the first days were achieved. Mahmood started the day with a discussion about AIESEC vision & values. After listing to Martin Luther Kings speech “ I have a dream” it was up to us to talk about our dream / vision in life and it was really great to hear everyone’s thoughts about this!
Then the MC defined their vision for AIESEC in Afghanistan:

Then we gave & explained the MC our planning toolkit and started with the planning which will be finalized by the MC within the next days.
At the end of the day we made the goal & expectations check…
Were all goals & expectations fulfilled?
It seems so … :-)

Expectations-1 day

All expectations fulfilled are now on the safe island :-)

And after two weeks of discussions, involvement of all members, hard thinking & debates the Mascot finally got it s name: let me present GOLO! He will soon get his own passport – so that he can join the AIESEC Afghanistan members on their trips abroad

Message from the Afghan MC

We had great time together with German trainers in Kabul - Afghanistan. Their visit and trainings in Kabul were very helpful and functional to AIESEC in Afghanistan because it showed us the long term commitment from AIESEC in Germany towards AIESEC in Afghanistan. The support from Germany helps us achieve our goals that are to become full member of AIESEC network at IPM 2008, raise funds, have many exchanges and have many members with high potential. The German Trainers spent their 14 days in order to make more improvements to AIESEC in Afghanistan. The trainers were professionals and much friendly. The difficult and amazing part was pronouncing one of the trainers name “Umit” and it was interesting and enjoyable. With them we had one good day with all aiesec members and it was quit useful for all of the members. Our MC wishes that they had great time and memories from AIESEC in Afghanistan and hopefully they come back again someday.

Best regards
AIESEC in Afghanistan

Chrisi discovering Afghanistan: Shopping, Jogging & Eating in Kabul

Chrisi's shopping tour in Kabul

Sunday morning I decided that it was time to do some shopping to by some Afghan cloths for myself and lots of souvenirs for my family & friends at home: So Shaista (Mahmood’s cousin) and I spent the whole morning going from shop to shop. After 10 days in Afghanistan I felt quite safe walking around Kabul, just her younger brother accompanied us. We started in “Chicken Street” where all tourists go to buy souvenirs: You can get absolutely everything there but it s also very expensive, so we went to some smaller bazaars where you can get exactly the same items just much lower prices: It seems like the most popular souvenirs are Afghan cloths, hand bags and jewelry of all kind. Shaista impressed me and the shop owners with her bargaining skills ;-)

Burger Restaurants and crazy taxi drivers
Afterwards we went to a burger place, where I made the mistake to just grab the first chair available and sit down. The staring of all the men showed me that something was wrong and I was told that this room is for men, and the room behind the curtain is for women. There we met two very nice women, one was head of the English department at her school and we had a very nice conversation about Germany and Afghanistan.
We then took at taxi to the AIESEC office and I realized once again that the most dangerous thing about living in Afghanistan is the traffic and the crazy taxi drivers: Nobody wears seatbelts, traffic lights are constantly ignored and if they want to impress you they overtake the other cars left and right on narrow bumpy streets.

Jogging in Kabul Park
After 10 days without any exercise I suddenly felt the urgent need to go jogging. Bahadur (MC VP PD) accompanied me and we went for a walk & some jogging in Kabul Park: People in the street always stare at me – but apparently there are not many women that go jogging there so today I caught even more attention than usual.

Today I got a special gift: Mahmood’s cousin Jawed who is tailor made a beautiful Afghan dress & for me. It s black with red decorations and looks very nice J

Montag, 26. März 2007

thoughts of jawan...

A Team with big Responsibility

By Jawan Shir Rasikh

I would like to first mention my thanks and regards for German Team, Mahmood Nisar, Umit, Chrisi who have again walked over AIESEC-Afghanistan and get opened the doors back. So, as well as it could be an effort of Wadan Farahi new elected President of AIESES-Afghanistan terms 2007-2008 who made clear the challenges facing AIESEC-Afghanistan at IPM 2006 in Egypt.

While, during the last six months, I was about to not feel positive about AIESEC-Afghanistan's circumstance and its progress. But, I did believe on this saying”Wanting Is Ability “I was believing that days are not over yet with AIESEC-Afghanistan. So,days started again by GTKs ( German Trainer in Kabul ) with full training support over Afghanistan MC mostly with Wadan Farahi ( President of AIESEC )- Lutfullaq Paserly ( Exchange VP ) Bahadurllah ( PD-VP ) and Ahmed Hamed ( Finance Director ) which started from the beginning march until the end of march.

It was right Saturday 17th-March-2007 I was told by Paserly that there is going to be a full day training for all AIESEC-Afghanistan Members. What I planned was that I decided to participate in the training and take the chance to add a little bit over my AIESEC-EXPERIENCE. So, I should say to Umit that I am sorry for being late in the session, but what to say? this happens sometimes in every AIESEC worldwide. What I learnt from the chance was the Principle of Taking Responsibility from GTKs. Especially, what I learned from Umit was that he was always trying, focusing, encouraging, making to transfer something to the participants what he had with himself during the session. I liked his smarty during the session, I mean he was trying to show himself for the participants that he keeps his eyes over the participants and how much interested is he and as well as Mahmood plus Chrisi to do something big till bring a change into AIESEC-Afghanistan. So, it was great for me on that time with any ways that was done by GTKs and we need to see ourself responsible what we have to do in @ Afghanistan...!

I myself learnt three games from the GTKs during their stay with us in AIESEC-Afghanistan and more important that the games were new, productive for myself and I hope that be with others as well.

One thing that I am emphasising in AIESEC-Afghanistan is the Principle of Taking Responsibility a Task and Doing that Task. This means, AIESEC-members in Afghanistan must take the responsibility if they want to get AIESEC-Afghanistan Full Membership during the next IPM 2008. I recommend for AIESEC-Afghanistan to create the opportunity and use the opportunity in order to have an impact over itself AIESEC-Afghanistan to show and accomplish its promises to @-International.

In consequences and to end this story, it was all great and more useful from GTKs during their stay in AIESEC-Afghanistan. I myself now feel positive about AIESEC-Afghansitan and I see a hope which is created in @ Afghanistan and more important is for me which is unique from former MCP and VPs that a feel of enthusiasm is existence in the current MCP and VPs. This means, our new elected MCP and VPs are somehow not that much experienced than our former MCP and VPs but it very important that a feel of enthusiasm and to do something for AIESEC-Afghanistan is coming from them. I keep my fingers crossed for AIESEC-Afghanistan and wish lots of success and happiness during their period.


Jawan Shir Rasikh


AIESEC-Afghanistan Exchange Teamleader

ümit's time to leave...

time goes so fast, especially times of important, exciting and funny work. now it is my time to face this cruel truth and i’m back in germany, sitting alone in my room, feeling somhow lonely, having my heart still in afghanistan

leaving was not easy… i don’t just mean the 50 hours trip back home, but expecially the goodbye to AIESEC afghanistan, to my trainer-colleagues, but especially to the mc-team: hamed, bahadur, wadan and paserly…

i spent great times around here, i enjoyed every second and my 100% motivation was pushed to 150% by the people around here, in terms of rocky balboa i would call it “the eye of the tiger” and believe me, all the mc had the eye of the tiger, the wish and the desire to bring AIESEC in afghanistan into the right path, into the path of full membership 2008, into the path of personal development of each member, into the path of being part of the network…

thanks to everybody, who made the project/visit happen!

but still its not over, i already feel like a part of AIESEC in afghanistan and i’ll always be available and ready for any help or support…

as my final sentence i would like to recommend to all of us to face the real afghanistan by building a bridge, at least my contacting people around here, but also by CEED, traineeship or just visiting this country. you would always be welcome and you would have an unforgettable time full of exciting impressions and maximum hospitality…

all the best to AIESEC in afghanistan,